If you’re looking for an RYA First Aid course, HSE EFAW (Emergency First Aid at Work), or VHF training in London, use the headings above, or the icons below to find out more about the courses we have on offer:

Marine VHF training

The VHF SRC (Short Range Certificate) is a Certificate of Competence and Authority to Operate, granted by the Secretary of State. It is the minimum qualification required to operate VHF Radio equipment on a UK Flagged Vessel, including fixed, handheld, DSC and non-DSC radios.

The RYA’s interactive VHF course is a great way to prepare yourself for a VHF SRC exam. Learn how to operate the radio, make routine calls, and how to raise the alarm in a wide range of emergency situations – read more…


After you’ve completed training, you’ll need to sit an RYA exam to obtain a VHF Short Range Certificate (SRC). Candidates can elect to take the VHF SRC exam at any accredited RYA Marine SRC centre – even if you’ve completed your training elsewhere, or online.

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