CEVNI Test (Online)

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The CEVNI test is an ICC requirement for those who wish to use Inland Waterways in Europe. This includes large commercial waterways (such as the French & German canal systems), as well as inland bodies of water (e.g. Italian and Swiss lakes). 

Upon completion of a successful CEVNI exam, you can attach your CEVNI Pass certificate to your ICC application – it will then be processed and validated for INLAND waters in addition to COASTAL waters. If you have already applied for your ICC, you can re-apply for inland categorisation upon completion of the CEVNI exam (additional RYA certification fees may apply for non-members). 

The test format is multiple choice, and there is no mandatory training required – however it is highly advisable to undertake a period of study before attempting an exam attempt. You can find some suggested study resources below. Once enrolled, you have the option to undertake unlimited practice tests, but you are limited to a maximum of 2 scored exam attempts for each of the two test sections. 

Note, each section has a time limit (6 minutes for Section 1, and 9 minutes for Section 2), and you need to score 11 out of 15 correct answers in each section in order to pass the exam. 






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Once you have completed both test sections successfully, you will be able to download your CEVNI pass certificate immediately. 

You can find some recommended training resources available to purchase/download below: